I Love My World - The Forest School Handbook Everyone Has Been Waiting For!

"Announcing the Definitive Forest School Training Handbook For Parents, Outdoor Educators and Forest School Teachers"

"Here's a book which puts children in touch with the natural world. It will open their eyes and their ears, their hearts and their minds, to the countryside. Full of fun and imaginative, practical ideas this book is a must for everyone concerned with children, the environment and the part we must all play in protecting it."
Michael Morpurgo, Bestselling Children's Author

Introduction: I Love My World is 200 pages long and starts with a short introduction which explores why it is vital for a persons development to play outside.

There are also a few tips on teaching styles, and the ‘ready, get set, go’ format of the games and activities in the following chapters is laid out.

Chapter1: What Are We and Where Do We Come From.

Chapter2: Survival Basics contains playful ideas for learning the basic survival skills of shelter-building, fire making, water and food collecting.

Chapter3: In It's Sharp I share some tried and tested ways of teaching young people how to whittle and use sharp tools safely.

Chapter4: The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword is about connecting with the artistic and poetic inspiration that nature offers.

Chapter5: Beyond the Big Five is about developing ones senses, and includes activities for developing balance, intuition and a sense of direction.

Chapter6: Where Am I is about lost proofing and map making, and it’s followed by

Chapter7: Sneaking covers walking silently through the landscape and sneaking games.

Chapter8: Coppicing and Caretaking deals with sustainable harvesting through the principles and practice of coppicing and caretaking.

Chapter9: Bring on the Bards has some great ideas for storytelling and music making.

Chapter10: Wild First Aid will encourage you to role play first aid situations and create your own ‘second aid kit’ of wild and natural remedies.

Chapter11: Making the Links & Joined Up Thinking is about linking everything together, with clear directions on how to tie a selection of the most useful knots and a tribal story about how all things are connected.

Chapter12: Community, Citizenship, Feasting and Celebration!

And there you have it. I am very pleased with it, and so are many others. In the words of one happy reviewer, it’s “the best book I've found on outdoor activities to do with children”.

"This is a brilliant book which gives hundreds of fantastic ideas for use in your outdoor environments including tracking, shelter building, and mentoring play."
Helen Martin, Geographical Association

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